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As the heart of the home, a kitchen can become a magnet for everyone’s clutter. Follow these kitchen storage solutions from Plain & Simple Kitchens to make it a warm and efficient space.

Get creative with cabinets: they can be made to look like drawers and are great for space saving or leave them door less to create the illusion of more space. Appliances such as the toaster and coffee maker can be stored away in these cabinets and in addition hidden behind a movable shutter.

Another great storage option is open shelving units, these give additional vertical storage and when enhanced with lighting this gives an inviting feel. Drawer units can also make all the difference to available storage space – especially in compact kitchens.

White is famously the best colour to give the impression of more space due to its ability to bring light into a room, which makes it a great option for cramped kitchens. Matte grey is a very popular and fashionable option for those looking to make a statement; it has the ability to transform a kitchen into a sophisticated space and can be added as an accent colour to small kitchens as to not counteract the benefits of light colours yet tie in a modern element.

For a streamlined design, our top tips to consider are;

• Use open shelves to display crockery, cook books and beautiful accessories
• Mid-height wall units are great for giving the illusion of space when there’s a low ceiling
• Island units are a great option for doubling as a breakfast bar and also being a handy work surface
• Try and select units with different drawer depths, using the shallowest for cutlery or linens, mid-depth for crockery and the deepest for bulky pots and pans
• Handle-less gloss cupboard fronts add a modern and sleek look to any kitchen

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